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When Gary Ambrose (as I always say, the biggest Scam-peddler I know) literally blasts me time and again with emails about this scheme and I then see the name Jamie Lewis, all sorts of red-lights and flags appear in front of me! Then comes the fact that this, what seems to be, brand new scheme is sold through ClickSure and I can safely assume that anyone buying this nonsense, will most certainly face the risk of 'loss of capital' as written in the disclaimer!

I have seen the Jamies videos and presentation so many times, that I don't even want to go through this nonsense again! Just ask yourself, why would Jamie come up with new schemes time and again? The only plausible answer is that his previous schemes of scamming people don't work anymore! If he were really smart, he should change his identity and then offer something of real value that actually works, qualifies on ClickBank and doesn't make false/misleading promises that requires disclaimers that let you know from the start, that you can actually loose money, that it is a new 'system' and therefore there are no typical results. Who the heck is he kidding? Does that imply he only wants to sell this scheme to atypical people? And if that's the case, what may I ask would in his opinion be atypical?

The reviews that can be found are equally misleading! If there are no typical results, then how could anyone actually promote it with a clear conscience? One actually stated that he skyped with Jamie and he wants to raise the price from $ 47 to $ 997 to make sure that only 'serious' people come and buy it and not anybody from 'those 3rd world countries'. Can you believe it?!?!? Sounds to me that Jamie never has been in a 3rd world country because if he had, he would meet people that are a lot smarter than he is.

But to get away from my emotional approach, let me just ask you this:

If the disclaimer tells you that there are no typical results, this product does not guarantee income or success and that everything hinges on your "background, dedication, desire and motivation as well as other factors not always known and sometimes beyond control" then why on earth would anyone want to actually buy this rubbish?

In addition, the ClickSure money-back guarantee is conditional! And I would certainly opine that these conditions are quite ambiguous!

Best keep far away from this!

Stay Safe!

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