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I have been receiving a lot of leads to stocktips.com lately (by someone named Paul Kincaid), but none more vigorously than from Gary Ambrose, with claims which are not only outrageous, but blatantly false!

As a former banker, I know only too well the risks involved in meddling in financial markets, if you are not a true professional with ample experience. I have warned already many times about schemes such as binarydecoded.com, mybinaryrecoded.com, mybinarycode.com, etc., but this one concerns a market that is for very good reasons well regulated, primarily to protect the private/individual investor.

In this case I will start with the disclaimer and quote what I think initially are the most relevant statements:

"Stocktips.com is populated by a team of stock market researchers. The team researches stock market info online and monitors relevant lines of communication to make stock tips. The information and stock tips found on StockTips.com were compiled by individuals not licensed in any jurisdiction whatsoever to analyze stock or give investment advice." (Note: Stock Market Researchers are usually referred to as Analysts. They are highly qualified and in many jurisdictions need to be licensed/registered)

"We do not offer or solicit any offers to buy or sell securities." (Note: This is basically not true and contradicts the previous statement).

"Neither the owner of StockTips.com nor any of its contributors, officers, directors, contractors, agents, or employees are licensed broker-dealers, account representatives, market makers, investment bankers, investment advisers, analysts or underwriters in any jurisdiction whatsoever." (Note: This statement alone basically disqualifies the whole scheme!)

"Trading shares of such publicly traded companies carries a level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Some stock investments are considered to be of a speculative nature and because of this may carry an exceptionally high level of risk. Most penny stocks are considered to be speculative, which in theory (Note: This is not theory, it is a fact!) means that this particular class of securities carries an exceptionally high level of risk due to their small capitalization levels, low trading volumes, volatility and lack of a substantial shareholder base."

" Stock Tips often features companies within the speculative stock category with news releases, company profile, analysis and the general forecast of the company being featured. However, this is simply a forecast and, just like the weather, may not develop as expected." (Note: This I would consider completely accurate, as the background of the individuals of StockTips obviously do not have the qualification. Therefore, the weather forecast will most likely be more accurate than their forecast!)

"Before deciding to trade this type of stock, the so-called speculative stocks, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, which should take into account your level of experience and your risk appetite."
(Note: This is absolutely correct and consequently I ask myself why would I then need StockTips.com?)

"With stock trading, especially penny stock trading, we strongly urge you to consider using a broker that offers a 'stop-loss' feature with your brokerage account." (Note: That already implies that what you're getting is utter rubbish! Also, if you do have a decent broker, he/they will not only offer this feature of service, but they will/should also advise you on your planned course of investment, again deleting the need for StockTips.com!)

"Many investors, especially penny stock investors, focus on rapid growth rather than the preservation of capital, a process that may carry and extremely high risk of losses; hence, you should not invest money or other assets that you cannot afford to loose." (Note: Absolutely correct! Then why would I need to use the unqualified services of StockTips?)

"We at Stock Tips strongly urge you to be aware of all the risks associated with the volatile world that is the stock market and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts (regardless of the convincing nature of our opinion." (Note: I fully agree and state again that if I follow their advice, why would I need their service/scheme?)

"We recommend that if any such part of your investment portfolio is allocated towards speculation and growth investments, it should only contain funds that you are prepared to lose in their entirety."

The last statement is basically telling you not to buy into this scheme. Who really has funds they are prepared to lose? Also, why would I pay for this scheme? To avail me the chance of loosing any funds? Granted this scheme is fortunately available through ClickBank, however their money-back guarantee does not cover your investment losses!

The video is grossly misleading to say the least and a borderline invitation to commit an act of crime "by using their stock trading "loophole"!

True to his reputation, Gary has delivered again!

In order to avoid becoming a Victim of Scam, please refer to www.internetadvisor.weebly.com and www.scamhunter.weebly.com. If you have any particular program/scheme you want me to research, please contact me.

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Stay Safe!

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