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This scheme, as a website legitimateworkathome.biz, was recently sent to me and it looks as if it is already around for a while. The first thing I noticed is that it states openly, that the vendor, Ken Smith, is a pseudonym in order to protect his personal identity for privacy reasons. Although perfectly reasonable, it did make me suspicious. If I sell a product, then I would put my name and reputation behind it.

The website let's you know right from the start that it is a $ 997.- Webinar, which contains a Shocking Video which will reveal the hidden truth about making money online. When looking at the video, you will quickly realize that there is no Webinar of any value and that Ken Smith assumes that his potential buyers/clients are either deaf or illiterate, because it is being read to you.

Besides the usual sales hype of unsubstantiated income statements, cheques (strangely enough they are made out to Ken Smith!?!?) and sob story, I will just focus on the relevant statements and claims Ken Smith makes,

- he will show exactly how he profits more than $ 500.-
  each and every day online,

- with a legitimate work at home opportunity which is
  proven and guaranteed,

- if you are willing to put these (his) techniques to
  work, you can easily start earning money within the
  next couple of days,

- you don't require any special computer skills, or
  technical knowledge at all,

- if you can turn on your pc and click the mouse, you
  can make money using his system, guaranteed,

- he makes more than $ 500,- on autopilot every day
  (repeated several times throughout),

- in this private Webinar, he is going to show you how
  you can easily duplicate these exact strategies so you
  can start making money from home as soon as

- he will show you how to make $ 300.- per day and
  that is guaranteed,

- the step-by-step system that he is going to give you
  will have you making money within 48 hours,

- if you take just an hour to follow his step-by-step
  instructions, you will make money and he absolutely
  guarantees it,

- again, his system is powerful, proven to work and

- he wants you to make so much money on autopilot
  that you don't have to worry ...,

- once you register and pay, he will hand you all the
  tools you will need to make sure you are pulling
  money out of untapped traffic sources within a matter
  of days,

- his is not a get-rich-quick scheme,

- he will give you the entire step-by-step blueprint he
  uses to make more than $ 500.- a day,

- if you are not satisfied with his legitimate work at
  home system you won't be asked to invest a dime,

After all that, we now know that this is certainly not a Webinar and certainly not worth a dime, nor was it shocking or revealed anything at all. Furthermore, claims of "proven" and "guaranteed" are not substantiated. Surely, we would need to agree on a definition of what constitutes a get-rich-quick scheme/program, but claims to make "millions" would substantiate "rich" and we can discuss endlessly about the time frame.

The earnings disclaimer actually says it all and basically negates the statements/claims made. Apart from mostly negative credible reviews, the only good thing about this scheme is that it is available through ClickBank, so the money-back guarantee is actually credible, but I would dare say, why bother after you have looked and heard this deceptive and misleading sales pitch "Webinar"?

In order to avoid becoming a Victim of Scam, please refer to www.internetadvisor.weebly.com and www.scamhunter.weebly.com. If you have any particular program/scheme you want me to research, please contact me.

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Stay Safe!

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