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As I have mentioned many times before, whenever I get a lead from Gary Ambrose, who I consider one of the best and brilliant Scam peddlers, I can be fairly certain that it is what it is. When he sends me a lead involving Anik Singal, then I can be sure that it can't be good. But don't take my word for it. Just google his name and you will get a good impression about his reputation no matter what rewards he may have received. So much for the subjective judgement.

Gary sent me this lead with the following claim:

"This money-maker never fails... it can't.

If you're about to make a mistake, even a simple
mistake... it's automatically fixed for you.

Look, I'm sure you've tried to make money online
a bunch of times before... right?

And it hasn't always worked, has it?


I bet you don't know why.

That's what makes this a real game-changer...

You can't make a mistake.

And, when you can't make a mistake... you simply
can't help but turn a profit!

Don't miss out on this...

It's the first, and only money-maker online that
never, ever fails.

I guess that as smart as Gary might be, he didn't read the disclaimer right at the bottom which clearly states that:

"WE DO NOT TRACK ACTUAL EARNINGS OF USERS OF OUR PRODUCT AS THE SAME WOULD VIOLATE THE USERS TRADE SECRETS AND CONFIDENTIAL OR PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE IS OUR EXPERIENCE WITH THE PRODUCT. IF YOU WANT TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE LET US KNOW. FTC Disclaimer: Results may not be typical. We are still collecting data to determine what a typical result might be.As with any business venture, you run the risk of making nothing at all or even losing money. In order to run a successful internet business, you will have basic additional charges, such as hosting, domain names and autoresponders. We will recommend to you your best options and choices."

The first claim (in bold lettering) is already a whole lot of nonsense! It is nothing but a cheap excuse and basically contradicted by the statement that they are still collecting data.

One can also basically not lend any credence to the video with Anik, as also his statements and claims are incompatible with the Terms & Conditions as well as the Disclaimer.

Lastly and most importantly is the money-back guarantee! No credibility and substance! Furthermore it indicates that there are further 'products' which implies that there are up- or downsells the so-called money-back guarantees of which are different. Also bear in mind that any additional charges as mentioned above are not covered! You can rest assured that Anik will also get commissions from his 'recommendations' which in my opinion may not be 'your best options and choices'.

We have to keep in mind, that whatever product/program/scheme we may want to buy, the one thing that none of them can in fact give you, let alone guarantee, is CONVERSIONS, irrespective of the traffic and long mailing lists you may, or may not have! So, is IM Target a Scam? You be the judge, but the misleading way it is presented and considering the person behind it, I would certainly classify it as such.

In order to avoid becoming a Victim of Scam, please refer to www.internetadvisor.weebly.com and www.scamhunter.weebly.com. If you have any particular program/scheme you want me to research, please contact me.

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Stay Safe!

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