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As in any other business, success comes only from hard work, diligence and perseverence and, of course, a good product or service. And, in the case of affiliate marketing, I maintain that it is better/easier to try to sell a range of products and/or services rather than only one. I maintain that selling schemes, rather than real products and/services is disingenuous and would recommend to stay away from. It won't get you very far, if at all.

Obviously, when involved in any business, you need to bring the message accross to the potential buyers of how great your product or service is and how it stands above all the others. We all know that there are many ways to do so and on the Internet, one way of doing so is to send emails to these potential customers. For that you need a list of people to send them to.

The best way to do so is what I call "organically". Utilize your connections and ask them to use theirs for you. From my experience this does take a bit of time, but the benefit is that you will end up with genuine interest and therefore users/buyers. Using Traffic Exchanges, Safelists and the like can be beneficial, but one needs to remember that most members, if not all, are marketers just like you and not necessarily potentially genuine end-users. The other drawback is that you get bombarded with emails from these marketers and more times than not the schemes they peddle are actually Scam, or at least borderline Scam. The rest are attempts to get your email details and other traffic-generating websites, which I find a bit ironic.

Another drawback is that many of these "traffic" schemes are not really free! But even if you pay either from the start, or through socalled upgrades, the results are pretty much the same. This would more or less also apply to all the other programs like autorotators, autosurf, etc. I am not saying that these programs should not be used, but rather that one needs to understand them for what they really are.

The most important part of your efforts, either way, is to get conversions! Again, from my experience the conversion rate from "organic" lists is by far higher than any other method and anyone laying claim to get you conversions (or even guaranteeing this) is disingenuous, to say the least! But, as I mentioned, it takes time and dedicated efforts. It will pay off for you and you won't have pay any fees at all. Remember, the best things in life are free and there are many programs that are, in fact, completely free! Then why bother paying for anything that does not really deliver what you actually need? The rest is solely your time and efforts and you can be successful!

Stay Safe!

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