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I have received quite a few complaints about people not getting their money back from purchases made through ClickSure which is not really surprising, given the ambiguously conditional money-back guarantee which ClickSure claims that "the ClickSure Consumer Promise and offer you a fair 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. This is one of the most comprehensive refund guarantees available for online purchases." One thing is for sure: ClickSure's money-back guarantee is certainly comprehensive when it comes to the conditions precedent! 

This fact, together with Gary Ambrose sending me this lead and living up to his reputation as a Scam-Peddler made me have a closer look, especially at the misleading video presentation which for sure contradicts the claim that "Every effort has been made to accurately represent the product(s) sold through this website and their potential." 

When watching the video presentation one will very quickly notice that nothing stated there is actually credibly verified. Furthermore and most importantly there is no credible proof of correlation shown between the FB clicks and the revenues shown in an unverified ClickBank account!

Then, just for fun, click on 'Affiliates' and more of the insane claims! But much more importantly there are a good number of names I and surely many others will recognize as some notorious Scammers and Scam-Peddlers, irrespective of whether these claims are really true or not! I take for granted they're not.

Finally, have a look at what Scamadviser.com has to say. Just because it is perceived to be popular by Alexa doesn't mean it is any good, especially when the owner of the website is hiding his/her identity!

On the basis which it is being presented, this certainly is in my opinion just another Scam! 

Stay Safe!

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