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While I have updated my websites today again exposing Scams, I have stumbled accross another site that reviews websites based on user input. Very good and very interesting. Go to www.MadlMMarketing.com and have a look!

What I find so absolutely amazing is, how many people there are that actually buy all this nonsense and then complain about not getting what they're supposed to get, or worse, not getting their money back! I fail to understand why they don't do some research by going to my website(s) (www.internetadvisor.weebly.com and www.scamhunter.weebly.com ) or to others like the one mentioned above and those I have referred to in my previous blogs!

While each individual subscriber may "only" loose a relatively small amount, it adds up very quickly for the Scammers and then they call themselves "Gurus"!

Surely, there will never be an end to Scamming! But we should expose them as soon as we see them. The marketers are equally unscrupulous, at least most of them! We should also expose them for peddling the stuff. I have already exposed who I consider one of the best and biggest Scam peddlers, Gary Ambrose! Others I will divulge shortly, but I still need them to send me more leads to check and review. And guess what! Good old Gary is so nice, he continues to send me leads, all of which are Scam! What a great guy!

Isn't it time we all try to make an honest buck? Let me help you, while you can help me expose more Scam! Just contact me and we can join forces, exchange information, whatever!

Stay safe!

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