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What puzzles me the most is that there are so many people who try to start their online business and many of them fall for the same old trick. They subscribe and even worse, pay for a system or program that promises "instant cash" or even riches beyond their dreams at the push of a button only to have these dreams shattered rather quickly.

Let me say again, that if any of these systems or programs are really so great, then why are their creators actually selling them? Why create competition for yourself? Why not franchise it and exponentially increase the revenue? The answer is very simple. Because the only ones getting any cash are the creators and not the buyers of the system, apart from the fact that the systems/programs don't really work.

Every day I read (real) user reviews of many of these programs and systems and without exception they complain! Why have they not (obviously) try to find objective reviews? Admittedly, there are many more "reviews" by marketers than there are objective ones, mainly because the objective reviewers cannot keep up with all the new schemes/programs coming up virtually every day! Many users/buyers claim they bought it because of the stated Money-Back guarantee. Wake up people! Those guarantees are absolutely meaningless, unless you've bought through ClickBank!

In my quest to not only expose these schemes/programs for what they are, I also try to find those which are truly legitimate and there actually are some!

I will never, ever sell or promote anything I have not tried myself, or at least reviewed thoroughly! You can see that on my website www.internetadvisor.weebly.com where, as a matter of fact, most of what you see is focussed on getting things free!

Before you buy into any kind of Money-Making scheme, do yourself a favor and contact me (tverlohr@gmail.com), or through my website. I can tell you very quickly if what you're looking at is the real thing. From my experience, in most cases it won't be. With that you will also give me more leads that other can benefit from!

Stay Safe!

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