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What exactly is a Scammer? Let's keep it simple and just say that a Scammer is a person that will sell you something and will give nothing and take your money or give you something that doesn't work and is false to what is in its description of the item. On my website www.scamhunter.weebly.com I have also defined Scam as "Making claims on advertisements and/or websites that are untrue, misleading, deceitful and exploitative".

Within that scope, arguably, one of the best and greatest Scammers I have come across is a guy named Gary Ambrose. Sure, there are many, many more but this guy has delivered leads of Scam to me on a consistent basis, for which I am actually quite thankful. Another is Anik Singal, who reportedly actually started out with a very good reputation, but lately that took a dive as he started peddling products and schemes which certainly qualify as Scam and even some of his own have received quite bad user reviews, including lack of support and claims of problems with money-back guarantees.

I am just using these two guys as an example as both have reportedly started out the same way, with Membership schemes.

Recently I have received emails from Gary promoting a scheme by Anik called "marketingwithanik" where good old Anik will "coach" you for 15 weeks for just $ 37.- What a bargain! For such a small sum of money you get to learn how to scam people? Amazing!

In the video he promises to help you from the goodness of his heart how to be successful in making money on the Internet and he also states that he will show you exactly what you are going to get when you pay. But precisely that is missing! He doesn't exactly show or explain what you are going to get! He goes on and on about how much money he has made and that's it! So you don't really get to see exactly what you're buying! Granted, he does give a 60-day money-back guarantee, but how does that work, if it is in fact of any value? On my calendar 60 days are 4 weeks, not 15 weeks.

And while he is doing all this 15-week coaching for just $ 37.- from the goodness of his heart to make you successful and a lot of money, you have to read the disclaimer where it states "Results may not be typical. We are still collecting data to determine what a typical result might be. As with any business venture, you run the risk of making nothing at all or even losing money. In order to run a successful Internet business, you will have basic additional charges, such as hosting, domain names and autoresponders. We will recommend to you your best options and choices."

Now let me get this straight. He is doing all this coaching for just $ 37.- and does not mention anything about any additional charges in the video. As a matter of fact he states that there will be no additional or recurring or monthly charges! So his coaching is for you to be successful and make loads of money, but you still run the risk of making nothing at all or even losing money, not to mention the additional charges you incur, which in the video he says you won't?!?!?!?

Obviously, with this kind of misleading and deceptive marketing, this scheme certainly qualifies as Scam in my book! Sure, the maximum anyone stands to loose is $ 37.- if his money-back guarantee actually stands the test. For me it is more a question of the principle rather than the amount of money involved. It actually stands to argue that all schemes peddled by these guys should be considered with great scepticism and even greater caution!

I have said it before, that if it weren't for guys like these, I couldn't run my website as I do and I am actually thankful to them. And just like in this case, when a Scammer promotes another Scammer it feeds me even more leads and faster.

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