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I honestly don't care if and how many times Anthony Morrison has been on CNN, or how many self-proclaimed million copies best-sellers he's written, in my book he is another great Scam artist and this seemingly new scheme reflects not only that, but also that he is actually not a very good marketer at all! He is just about on the same level of Gary Ambrose who has been literally bombarding me with emails about this scheme (more than 15 in the least 2 days alone!).

The reason for my claim is that Anthony actually states that " The typical person who purchases these materials makes little to no money." If that is the case and I would consider myself to be a 'typical' person, then why would I want to buy into this scheme, apart from the fact that if you click often enough, the price goes down and down until it is seemingly free, which it isn't! 

When you see his website, you are led to believe that you get a 'free video presentation' when actually it is nothing more than a typical sales pitch (and in my opinion a not very good one!). Why would anyone pay for a sales pitch? Another reason that shows that Anthony is not very good at marketing!

The money-back guarantee, although supposedly valid for 1 whole year, is completely unsubstantiated and thus without any credibility! In addition and on the same basis as that of ClickSure, it is conditional and I quote:

"we will issue you a complete refund provided you have: 

Contacted our dedicated customer support team asking for assistance if required 

Submitted your request for a refund within 365 days of making your purchase 

Provided a valid reason for requesting a return within 365 days of purchase 

Provided a valid report that the charge was fraudulent or unauthorized 

For any other reason our Support deems appropriate"

The last is actually the all-in catch and can (most likely will) ensure together with "You recognize any business endeavour has inherent risk for loss of capital" that you don't get your money back!

I think all the people who have written articles about Anthony or appeared on their TV shows, be it CNN or or otherwise, obviously have not done their homework to really check this guy out.

Best to stay away from this!

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Stay Safe!

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