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Anybody who has tried their hand at Internet/Affiliate Marketing has at least considered using Traffic Exchanges, Safe-Lists, Banner Exchanges and the like, be it for free or paid for, and I am no exception.

I got a lot of feedback about these kinds of programs, few good and many being rather critical.

Before I delve further into the usefulness of these programs, I just want to mention that any success in Internet/Affiliate Marketing is obviously based on conversions. I have yet to find any program that can honestly claim that it can do that for you and Traffic Exchanges, etc. are no exceptions. Many claim to send (huge) amount of traffic your way, which should already raise alarm bells, but what about conversions? That is precisely where all these programs, including any other money-making scheme/program out there, basically fail utterly.

We have to understand that many, if not all of those who use any kind of program sending traffic your/their way are actually marketers. Now that not being bad, it is therefore less likely for them to pick up or subscribe to your program, when they are marketing their own. There are exceptions, of course. From my research, the chance of somebody subscribing or buying the program you are promoting through these traffic exchanges and the like are dismal at best! These kinds of conversions are somewhere around 1-2 %. I would consider that a huge waste of time and if you have actually paid for it, money!

I can only make assumptions about why there are so many of these traffic promotion programs out there and many more coming every week. Obviously this must be a profitable business which would indicate that there are a lot of people actually paying for these programs. Given the very low conversion rate, I do find this rather surprising.

There are many alternatives to get traffic to your website, but like everything else in life, it does need some work. Using Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging and others would be just one option. The good news is that the conversion rates are considerably higher, somewhere around 5-10% or even higher, depending on the effort put in.

Stay Safe!

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