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As I have stated before, there are many websites that supposedly review other websites and, comparatively speaking, there are only a few that are truly credible. There are also plenty of forums covering Scam of all aspects and yet, so many people still allow themselves to be drawn into these schemes and suffer!

Maybe the answer lies in other media?

I am a regular viewer of various news channels like CNN, Bloomberg, BBC and, and, and... Since I started my websites quite some time ago, I have yet to find any news organization that has or will pick up on this subject. And even worse, in some cases these so-called reputable News Organizations, most likely unwittingly, actually promote Scam! This is either done by these websites claiming to have been shown or mentioned by them, or they actually do make reports about them!

Where are the Anderson Coopers of the News World with "trying to keep them honest"?

Scamming is a huge, if not humongous industry, raking in enormous amounts of ill-begotten money, yet no one in the News World seems to be interested in this major fraud that is being committed daily on the Internet! Is this not sensational enough to report about?

I see many (to say the least) complaints from people on a daily basis, who try to make an honest buck on the Internet and get cheated! Wouldn't it help, if they could see the reality on the News during their morning coffee?

Let me know your opinion and stay safe!

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