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I get a lot of inquiries about how I discover Scam and, more importantly, how I substantiate it as such.

As I have outlined on my website www.scamhunter.weebly.com I define websites/programs as Scam if they appear to "Making claims on advertisements and/or websites that are untrue, misleading, deceitful and exploitative". That is for starters. And to this day, none of the creators or marketers of the websites/programs that I have listed have made an attempt to defend themselves and their so-called products!

When a new program is marketed, many of the reputable review sites just cannot quickly come up with a review also because of the sheer multitude being published day by day! That's were I am a bit ahead of them in my efforts to let people know to be at least cautious! Based on my experience, the advertisement already says a lot and with the creed better to be safe than sorry, one can read a lot from advertisement, especially what it doesn't show or say. I will list two examples, which I have listed as Scam on my website as a precaution for potential buyers.

The first is Oneminutecommission.com.

The name already raised my doubts and the first thing that I looked at was the video and related it to the disclaimer at the bottom. Many times there is no disclaimers and that is already a warning sign. In the video you will see how anyone can purportedly make a lot of money from the sale(s) of ClickBank products, however that is merely a claim and lacks real proof like having a written confirmation from Clickbank that could be verified, which I assume ClickBank wouldn't do anyway. Then there are testimonials, which may or not be real, but then again look at the disclaimer where it is mentioned that  "ALL PERSONS PORTRAYED ARE REAL AND VERIFIED. IN SOME CASES ACTORS HAVE BEEN USED TO REPRESENT THESE PERSONS". Now why is that? I have no doubts that the people are real but who verified them and what does verification mean? Why use actors to represent?

Then it goes on and on about how much money others have earned and gives you the impression that anyone can too. Again the disclaimer where it says "THIS IS A NEW SYSTEM, SO THERE ARE NO TYPICAL RESULTS. THE COMPANY DOES NOT GUARANTEE INCOME OR SUCCESS, AND EXAMPLES OF THE PRODUCT OWNER'S AND OTHER PERSON'S RESULTS DO NOT REPRESENT AN INDICATION OF FUTURE SUCCESS OR EARNINGS". If there are no typical earnings results, than what does that say about the credibility of the earnings claims made in the video, or those of the product owners and other person's results?

Lastly it states "THE COMPANY DECLARES THE INFORMATION SHARED IS TRUE AND ACCURATE. NOTE: THERE ARE NO COSTS IN USING THIS SYSTEM." No costs? The system is being sold for $ 46.-! It does come with a 60 day-money-back guarantee but unless you have actually bought it through ClickBank, their money-back is not defined in any way, nor is there any substantiation and thus cannot be credible or relied upon.

Lastly, I have found a review that claims that this program is basically about promoting products through You Tube. If that is the case, it does not mean conversions come automatically. Actually anyone can do this for free!

The second one is DynamicDigitalEnterprise.com.

With this program no video is involved, however, the first statement let's you believe that you are one of the few privately invited people to sign up for free on the "ground floor" before it goes public on Sept. 15th. As far as I am concerned, I am part of the public. It then says to read everything very carefully, which is laudible and I did accordingly. It goes on to say that their incredible affiliate compensation plan "allows" you to earn a whopping $ 2,025.- a month by merely signing up 155 people and $ 150.- for 30 signups! Now we all know how difficult that is, no matter how good and sensational your product may be! It then goes on to say that you can recoup your membership fee with just 3 referrals! Wait, I thought it was free? Where does the membership fee come from and it is not mentioned anywhere nor when that would kick in.

Then you are informed that they have Professional and reliable products that meet or exceed the cost you are paying and a fast "break even point" that allows you to recoup your investment into the company as soon as possible. Wait, I thought it was free? I have had a look at some of the 84 pages of their products and I have to say that I was not impressed.

It goes on to say that you can receive big commission payments early rather than being forced to fill a downline with thousands of people before earning a significant online income. How exactly would that work? Then you're told that this is a self-less company that puts the members first by paying out a massive percentage of all incoming funds right back to the members in commissions. Now we have the confirmation that it's a MLM program. So, one does have to pay? I thought it was free?

Finally there is no disclaimer, or any sort of (legal) statement.

Both programs outlined may just be something that people might be looking for, but the way they present themselves leaves me no choice but to classify them as Scam accordingly.

Stay Safe!

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