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Gary Ambrose, who I consider an absolutely brilliant Scam artist and peddler and who daily sends me leads for my website www.scamhunter.weebly.com has now sent me an invitation to a webinar hosted by himself, titled "How We CASHED in $30K by sending *stupid* text messages ??? (LIVE Seminar with Gary)".

My personal impression is that the title is already an insult to all potential victims of his scheme.

Then he informs me that "This is an exclusive training seminar for Gary Ambrose's subscribers!" Great, but why is it then that I have to fill in my name and email address? He already has those details and shoudn't the registration be just boiled down to join or not?

He goes on to say "This little known cell phone secret takes 8 minutes to do, uses NO Website, NO Cell phone and costs NOTHING!" Hold on, a cell phone secret that does not use a cell phone?!?!?!

And being a secret, I am informed "WARNING: You are fine to copy the technique but you MUST NOT share the information to anyone else."

Oops! I just did! There is no mention of any consequences so I am not sure why he is WARNING me.

Needless to say, I will not join his webinar, because it reeks of being just a squeeze page (for what?) and I can be sure that just like all his other schemes, it will be not only a waste of time, but also may well turn out that his webinar may be free, but not what he is actually peddling.

Stay Safe!

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