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In my opinion, Gary Ambrose is one of the most brilliant Internet Marketers around and he has been kind enough to send me numerous leads thus enabling me to further expose Scam. His latest lead is www.rapidprofitstorm.com and the first thing that drew my suspicion is not only the fact that Gary sent it to me, but also it appears to be sold through ClickSure which in my opinion provides a money-back guarantee that technically is worthless.

This scheme seems to be rather new and credited to two Internet Marketers named Vinay and Robbie TT, whoever they might be. Consequently, credible (user) reviews are not to be found and Scamadvisor informs that the owner of the site is actually someone named David Schwarz as well as that the site seems to originate from the Russian Federation and a 46 % probability that the actual origin is in fact in Medley, Fl. which is also stated on the website.

The video is quite flashy and as usual, apparently an actor (which seems to be confirmed) is compelled to read everything to you. I fail to understand why marketers do that because to me it implies that the targeted buyers are either deaf or illiterate. Also, it certainly is something I have seen before, but I can't really be sure which scheme used it.

Anyway, besides the usual unsubstantiated (ClickBank) income statements and all, the claims made by Vinay, Robbie TT, David Schwarz or the actor are,

- this is something we've all been waiting for and it is
  completely free (below the video it states that it costs
  $ 37.-),

- the guy who will reveal the real secret is named David
  Parker (?) and he will tell you his sob story and he
  wants to give you something that works (to make
  money online). Don't forget the words "give" an
  "completely free"!

- he is not here to take your money, because he
  doesn't need it and has more than he can spend,

- he promises that after using his system, in just a few
  minutes you will have financial freedom,

- he can't divulge details, because he promised the
  other Internet Gurus under threat,

- but instead of selling/giving you the secret, he is
  going to do "it" for you, meaning that the secret is
  embedded in his software which communicates with
  his network of top-secret underground servers, to put
  money into your bank account,

- consequently it must remain 100 % confidential (I
  guess that's why he's all over the Internet with it and
  his so-called "exclusive Webinar?),

- the core of his "software" is tapping a free traffic
  source that is generating 7,991,859 views per hour,

- his software is designed to turn this massive traffic
  into cold, hard cash,

- it is designed from the ground up (whatever that
  means?) so that you'll earn profits quickly and

- it is dead simple and takes care of all the technical

- you don't need any technical skills and once you start
  it, you never have to worry about money again,

- all you need is a pc, the ability to follow simple step
  by-step instructions, an hour or two at first to set the
  system up and then a few hours a week to keep it

- there is no hard work or expertise needed, the
  software and servers do all the difficult work for you,

- he then states by buying you get into the member's
  area, which would lead me to assume that there may
  be upsells and or membership fees in addition to the
  "one-time" payment for something he said you would
  get for free!

The whole storyline is a regurgitation and so full of BS (apologies, but I can't think of any other description) that would make anyone get annoyed for this obvious insult to your intelligence!

Apart from the fact that you obviously don't get it for free and notwithstanding any possible other fees or charges, just have a look at the disclaimer at the bottom and try to reconcile it with the statements/claims made. You simply can't!

As I have already indicated, this scheme is available through ClickSure and their money-back guarantee is technically worthless! Given all that, why would anyone want to waste their time and money on this?!?

In order to avoid becoming a Victim of Scam, please refer to www.internetadvisor.weebly.com and www.scamhunter.weebly.com. If you have any particular program/scheme you want me to research, please contact me.

If you really want to find buyers and make a nice commission, especially those that do their everyday shopping online, then go to ASN and truly cover a global market that is the largest in every aspect and it is truly free! You will never pay a single cent!

Stay Safe!

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