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Again, this scheme seems to be brand new and what drew my attention, apart from being bombarded with this lead, was that it is available through ClickSure, with a conditional money-back guarantee thus contradicting claims right from the start of being Risk-Free and 100%!

Furthermore, Scamadviser.com urges caution for various reasons, the important one for me is that the real location of the website is hidden and it's owner is hiding his/their identity. This may not be necessarily bad, but it does raise my suspicions.

The scheme is supposedly by someone name Mark Wilson and given the information above you don't really know who you're dealing with, apart from the fact that if you Google the name I came up with one who certainly doesn't look the same as the guy in the video plus a lot of others, but not the guy in the video. So his claim as being a successful speaker and Internet Entrepreneur is therefore questionable. For me this is not a good beginning!

From the start, you see his statement "Make money or it is Free" which, as I said before, is basically unsubstantiated. In today's world we cannot really seriously rely on anyone we don't really know and that includes his/their guarantee, not to mention that of ClickSure, given it is conditional!

Mark claims that this an exclusive, by invitation only video and not available anywhere else. In fact, not only are the leads all over the place by a good number of marketers, but the scheme and video is all over the Internet. He then states that he will show you "something" that is 100% free, when if fact it costs $ 46.- unless you click long enough to stay on the page and look at some more arduous videos of Mark until it is free. However, be very careful! There are upsells! These are obviously not mentioned up front.

Then he let's you know that he will show you how three ordinary people took their first steps to financial success. As if we haven't seen this spiel before! When are they going to come up with something new or for God's sake just confirm that no actors were used, instead of the other way around to give this at least some credibility! And what about the three ordinary people without any technical experience, who are going to make several hundreds of dollars a day after Mark shows them his "program"? Are they the same that the disclaimer describes as typical? Those typical buyers who "do not make any money using this system? Or, if you have really dragged three ordinary people off the street, how could it possibly be that "there are no typical results" from this "new system"?

I did not purchase and consequently have not tested this system and I don't intend to because if anyone is honest enough to warn me that "You recognize any business endeavour has inherent risk for loss of capital" I must take for granted that all the guarantees given are worthless, as is most likely in my view this scheme, also based on the misleading/deceptive way it is presented!

But if you are the adventurous type, then go for it! I would certainly not recommend to do so.

In order to avoid becoming a Victim of Scam, please refer to www.internetadvisor.weebly.com and www.scamhunter.weebly.com. If you have any particular program/scheme you want me to research, please contact me.

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Stay Safe!

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