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Just recently, I was contacted by someone through one of my websites, asking me which program I would recommend for "Newbies". Taking for granted that the inquiry was genuine, I replied accordingly.

I think, first and foremost, we need to understand and accept that we all are Newbies, except for those that create the programs and in some cases also those who have found a way to be successful at selling programs.

When I started out, I truly only knew how to turn on a PC, surf and do emails. That was about it. Then came Facebook, Twitter and so on, until a friend of mine asked me, if I had ever tried to make money on the Internet. I obviously didn't but the idea was intriguing and I started surfing and checking. The first thing I noticed was that all programs always state that they are designed for anyone and that you don't need any PC or Internet experience! Quickly did I find out that most of these programs are indeed for Newbies, taking advantage of their lack of experience and in so many cases leaving them stranded somewhere along the line and their money gone. That's when and why I started my websites with the main intention of helping Newbies and warning them of, as I call it, the worst of the worst. Did I make any money from that? No I didn't, but then that was certainly not my intention.

After having gained some experience, especially what to look out for when discovering Scam and more importantly exposing it, I also saw programs that are in fact genuine and I have made recommendations accordingly. However, having said that, the biggest challenge for anyone, whether they buy a program or start on their own in Internet or Affiliate Marketing, is how to get the ever so important leads, i.e. the contacts. That is where basically all programs fall short and for good reasons. Firstly, it is illegal in many countries to divulge contact details without permission on whatever basis and secondly it is the quintessence of success and who would share that? Nobody! Anyone claiming to get/give you leads, or show you how to get them is taking you for a ride.

This is where Newbies have a hard time. But then, just like with any other job, you have to start from scratch, work hard, be diligent and most important persevere and it will pay off eventually ! There are no push-button programs to instant riches!

From my experience, the best and easiest way for Newbies to get started, is Affiliate Marketing. However, I would urge everyone to stay away from programs/schemes that merely promote themselves and where there is basically no value-added. Stick with programs that actually sell real products and/or services be it with reputable retailers, or those programs that combine multiple products and/or services. One example is ClickBank. Unfortunately there are products available there, which I would certainly classify as Scam, so be very careful what you promote! Another program I have found is All Solutions Network. This is actually really convenient, because it covers what many people already do, namely on-line shopping. It's multitude of products and services is very good, as are the vendors like Wal-Mart, Amazon and so on. You get credits (cash) for shopping and if you get someone to sign up, you participate in the rewards for their shopping. For Newbies this is very interesting because it gives you all the support and training you need. I have tried it and it's really good!

Stay Safe!

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