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If you go and check you wil find that there are quite a few reviews about both Plimus and ClickBank in the www world. Which is better? The bottom line is that you will find a whole lot more negative reviews about Plimus than ClickBank! Mostly they center around refunds not being made in a timely manner, or not at all. We all know that there will always be disgruntled "customers" for any product or service, but I thought I need to bring this out into the open.

Fact is, both actually do sell and even promote what I would percieve as Scam sites. The fact also is that ClickBank's refund scheme is rock-solid and you will find very few, if any, complaints to that extent.

So, if and when you think you really need to try a Internet money-making scheme, you might want to try it through ClickBank. If you don't find it there, you might as well not try it at all!

Stay safe!

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