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My previous Blog "Possibilities for Newbies" got a surprising response! Not only the sheer number of responses, but also the (mostly) pros and some cons. Here I want to quickly react to the cons.

Most of the cons responses were critical to the extent that I did not elaborate further on the "list-building" and advertising and how to go about it. Few were crtitical about my program suggestions. Fair enough. However, calling the All Solutions Network a Scam is something I will not accept! I have dedicated myself to exposing and I would never promote such! Before trying it out, I had done, what I would consider, extensive reviewing and checking. Then I tried it out and after all, within 12 days, I had five referrals and they had extended that to two more! All I did, was advertise the program on my website and Blogs, and used a free Safelist provider! How much time did I spend doind that? To be totally honest, the lead time was about 3 weeks, but then it clicked. That may not sound like much, but the input and effort has to considered, especially using free resources!

The other thing that many critical replies did not realize and I should have elaborated on this in more detail, is that All Solutions Network is a on-line shopping platform. Basically you use one platform to do what all on-line shoppers have been doing. The difference being, is that you don't have to go to the individual vendors/retailers websites (the multitude of retailers/vendors, products and services is indeed very impressive) and, more importantly, you directly benefit from your shopping. As an example, when you make a purchase amounting to $ 325.- you can get a 20% fee. That would be tantamount to paying only $ 260.- In addition, if you make referrals, you benefit from their purchases and so on. And finally, it is completely free to join! The quintessence of this program is not to get referrals only, but also do your on-line shopping there and get your referrals that do the same.

So how could this possibly be called a scam, especially since there is nothing to pay for? It also has to be considered that the creator of All Solutions Network, Bruce Castro goes to great lengths to personally respond to Scam accusations! Just check out http://www.warriorforum.com/. I don't see any of the so-called "Gurus" doing that for one simple reason: Because more times than not, their programs are Scam!

Back to list-building and advertisement. I firmly believe, that if I promote something that is free, then I would be disingenuous, if I would recommend anything further for which you would have to pay for. However, I have always stated that to get started, it is useful to contact friends, family and acquaintances, etc. who are like-minded and who you think would like to give it a try. Don't go about this indisciminately! But especially with All Solutions Network you will never end up being critisized for someone loosing any money!

There are plenty of traffice exchanges, or Safelists which are free and you just need to spend a bit of time to get the credits necessary to send out emails to their members and advertise, but it needs to be understood that these members are also marketers and the likelyhood for them to sign up is low.

Then there are numerous global and local (country-specific) free advertising websites to choose from! Just google "free advertising" and choose which is right for you. Some may require reciprocal advertisement, so if you have a website, or a blog, then that is how it's done.

I have always offered my help, also individually, so please feel free to contact me, either through my websites, or at tverlohr@gmail.com.

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