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I have seen and tried my fair share of so-called legitimate work from home schemes. Lastly, I was referred to topworkfromhomejobs.com where I was informed not only about the top 3 websites in this category, but also told that "We have identified the Top 3 Work From Home Programs available on the Internet.  And yes there is a fee to register. So if you are not interested or simply cannot pay a registration fee, you should unsubscribe from our list...".

The fact of the matter is not whether anyone cannot or doesn't want to pay any fees or the amount in question, but rather what do you get for your "fee". So far, I have not seen any site that credibly substantiates their claims and don't even get me started on the so-called testimonials!

The true fact of the matter is and should be that these sites are basically acting like Head-hunters and if they really do represent all these companies which are looking for your "service", they should be getting their fees from these companies. But they are not and the question really begs, why not??? Could it possibly be that their claims are not really what they are hyped to be???

I do not, in any way want to discredit the research done by topworkathomejobs.com at all! But they are seriously missing the point!

As long as these sites do not or cannot credibly substantiate their claims, I would urge anyone not to sign up to these schemes, no matter what the amount in question may be!

Stay safe!

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