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Whenever you scour the Internet on how to make money online, you invariably get to see all the fancy videos and/or presentations about how people make instant cash, if not millions by showing you their ClickBank accounts. While I am sure that there are very good Internet marketers out there making a good income, I seriously doubt that they're making millions. Why you ask?

ClickBank is a privately owned company that does not (have to) divulge their financial statements to the public. The last I have heard, was that as of the end of 2009, their sales grew by 8 % and doing more than $300 million in sales annually. That covers about 12,000 independent sellers and more than 100,000 affiliate marketers. For arguments sake, let's assume that the sales have increased annually by 8 % thus for 2011 their sales would have been around $ 350 million. Now we can all do the math, make certain assumptions and estimates and arrive at what the average affiliate marketer could have earned.

Well, what does that really tell us? Obviously that most of the videos and presentations are basically rubbish!

Now let's have a look at the largest online retailers as of 2011. Amazon.com is obviously the largest with about $ 48 billion in sales. Next comes Wal-Mart with $ 4.8 billion, Liberty Interactive with $ 3.8 billion and Sears with $ 3.6 billion. As a matter of fact, the top 10 add up to $ 69.8 billion. That means that ClickBank and all the others are very far behind.

I don't mean that critically at all, but given the size of this market and it's annual growth, estimated on average to be 15 % and given that there are very many affiliate marketers around the world, which market would you rather be in as an affiliate marketer?

You might say that these companies are predominantly serving the US market, which they are. However, Amazon.com derives about 44 % of it's sales internationally! That means that particular market is worth about $ 21 billion. Let's be conservative and assume that the average commission is 15 %. That would amount to $ 3.2 billion just for Amazon.com alone! Wal-Mart has representations in over 29 countries with revenues in excess of  $ 100 billion. While it does not disclose the online part of those international revenues, it is assumed to be around $ 2 billion.  

For arguments sake, let's combine Amazon.com and Wal-Mart, which are linked through the Solutions Network, which is the only website to offer shoppers and affiliates one website with access to both and many, many others. That would mean as of 2011 access to a market of a total of almost $ 3.5 billion in commissions just from these two giants alone!

We all have done some kind of shopping online, be it from travel arrangements to a new TV. So why not use ASN, especially since it offers also various kinds of services, which the other online retailers do not, or to a limited extent? On top of that, what about those commissions that your referrals do? You share in those too. It certainly won't make you instantly rich, but given time and effort, you can make a decent income.

Therefore I ask again, given the size of the markets, which one would you think you have a greater chance of achieving success? For me the answer is obvious.

Stay Safe!

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