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No, this time it's not Gary Ambrose sending me this lead, but another Scam-Peddler named Mack Michaels. Let me just point out what got me started writing about this, after having seen the usual rubbish video:

1. This scheme is available through ClickSure with it's very ambiguously conditional money-back guarantee.

2. The usual nonsense about every effort having been made to accurately represent the product.

3. Surely the actors used, or rather the actress is really bad!

4. The claims made by the actress are certainly not accurately representing the product and are in fact
contradictory to the Disclaimer!

5. If you are being informed that there is the danger of loosing your capital, how far away would you stay
away and what does that say about the money-back guarantee?

6. The statement that this is a new system and there are no typical results.

There is more but it would really take too long and ultimately bore anyone to death. But the killer for me is that according to Scamadviser.com this website has been around for a while and more important that the expected lifetime is only 1 year and that the owner is hiding their identity! 

Best stay from this obvious Scam!

Stay Safe!

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