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When I first started this Blog, I was, and still am, vigorously trying to expose Scam (www.scamhunter.weebly.com) and at the same time also show everyone that with some work, diligence and perseverance one can really set up a nice, straight-forward and honest Internet-based business and income (www.internetadvisor.weebly.com). Never did I actually think that I would actually become an Internet Marketer to the extent of promoting someone else's website/services.

I have always stated that my work is based on my own research and trials, es well as reliable reviews of users and other website reviews. In doing so, I rely very much on other Internet marketers to provide me with leads and I check each and every one! In the course of my trials, I have stumbled across a program which actually has been around for a while, but I somehow missed it. It was sent to me by a marketer, who I had never seen before. After some correspondence and further checking, I decided to sign up for it for the purpose of thoroughly reviewing it. But the more checking I did, I found out that it is very much legit and a true and honest way of making money on the Internet. And best of all, it is totally free! You don't pay anything at all!

Basically, the company has been around over 15 years doing everything from home loans, car loans, bankruptcies, merchandise sales and a whole host of other products and services.

They just changed their business model so that anyone can have the opportunity to basically work with them, making money from everything they do.  And it's completely in your spare time, at your leisure, helping them market the hundreds of products and services they provide.  It never costs a dime and they do most of the work i.e. they close the loans, they prepare the bankruptcy petitions, they complete the credit repairs, they fill the merchandise orders… and you make money from EVERYTHING. They work with reputable retailers like Sears, Wal-Mart, Amazon and many more.Where else would you get paid for your own shopping?

They'll GIVE you, your own FREE, 60 plus, page website and each page offers their many various products and services but…

each and every page is coded with YOUR name and YOUR personal ID that is automatically generated for you. Plus all the support and training you need! All free!

All you do is promote your site by placing FREE ads  (they even show you where and how to place them).

You even make money for simply giving away FREE vacation packages and FREE credit repair kits.

This is how they put it -- and it makes a lot of sense... It's their goal for you to make as much money as possible,  because The better you do… the better they do!  They make money WITH you, not off you!  So, you can be pretty sure that they are doing their best to make this the most easily workable, most effective business system possible. 

Sure, you still have to do the marketing and you can do it in varous ways. It's not that difficult, but it does require some effort and you won't loose out! You can also not only promote the products and services, but benefit from referring others (MLM) and consequently get paid from their downlines and purchases. And you actually get paid if you do your own shopping through them.

I cannot possibly fathom, why anyone, who would want to make money online would not want to sign up for this! I have consequently advertised this on my website to show that you can make a great shortcut to earn some nice income.

If you're serious about wanting to make money from Affiliate Marketing and make a passive income from your downline, then you got to have a look and try it out! Just click <here> or contact me for any question you might have.

Remember, it is absolutely 100% free.

Stay Safe!

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