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Here is another review I would like to share with everyone, peddled to me by none other than Gary Ambrose, arguably the best Scam peddler in my book, for sure!

This scheme is called Gold Affiliate Asset and was brought out in the beginning of October by a guy named Alex Babenkoff (according to Scamadvisor his actual name is Oleksandr Babenkov from Lugansk in the Ukraine) and seems to be based on the old and trusted concept of email marketing. For whatever it is worth, Scamadvisor.com puts the site in a "Suspicious" category for various reason. Click on the link and have a look. That is for starters.

The video presentation, as is so many times the case, insults your intelligence by being read to you. Personally I do take issue with and it indicates to me that whoever is doing the marketing is on such a basis doesn't really know what he/she is doing!

Right from the start, it claims to show you how to make "a lot" more money on the Internet within 15 minutes with an autopilot Internet Business at a click of a button and without a financial commitment. That already tells me that it is heading for at least a critical review!

Then come the following statements:

- "He" (I suppose this Alex Babenkoff) claims he has
  proven the scheme to have earned $ 262,800 per
  year. Not bad for a scheme that's not even a month
  old! Not to mention there is no proof! But never mind,
  you're "going to easily hit a cash jackpot on the
  Internet" and "live the life of financial freedom".

- It goes on to say that "anyone who says you will
  make millions on the Internet without work is lying to
  you". Hold on, first I'm being told it's an autopilot
  system that takes only 15 minutes to set up and now
  the autopilot doesn't work?

- Anyone who buys into this scheme has "zero risk"
  because "he" and his system does all the work and 
  everything is already done! Now I'm confused again.
  First autopilot, then I have to work, now all the work
  is being done for me?

- The 15 minute system "he has just invented creates a
  full-blown automated Internet Business". Ok, now
  I suppose I don't have to work after all!? But how
  does the "just invented" tally with the $ 262,800 the
  system has earned in a year? How the heck did "he"
  put one years' earnings into less than a month?

-"Every week you'll be adding more income streams on
  autopilot". So, now on autopilot I actually can become
  a millionaire?

- Gold Affiliate Asset will "bring in cold hard cash 24
  hours per day, 365 days a year" and "he" spends
  more than "10,000 a month to make this all happen
  for you" and "you will never have to spend a dime...
  it's all on him". Great! I get a system set up in 15
  minutes that is on autopilot, "he" does all the work, 
  everything is done for me and I will never have to
  spend a dime and make all the money! All I have to 
  do is join. Paradise! Eldorado!

- To join, all you have to do is click a button (where it
  says "Join Risk Free") below which it says that there
  is a one time payment of $ 47.- and 100 % Money
  Back Guarantee. I'm confused again! First I don't
  have to spend a dime and now that I am so convinced
  about this scheme, I have to pay?!?!?

- What could possibly go wrong? After all, "he" does
  provide a 100 % money-back guarantee! It doesn't
  really matter that it isn't credible, let alone not
  substantiated in any way, now is it?

Now we come to what I call my favorite part, after we have seen the video presentation in which "he" also told us that he would show you exactly what you're getting (I guess I must have missed it?). That part is the disclaimer.

First and foremost, the money-back guarantee is from ClickSure, which in effect is no guarantee at all! It is conditional in a all-inclusive way, not and/or. Among others you have to

- Provide a valid reason for requesting a return within
  60 days of purchase

- Provide a valid report that the charge was fraudulent
  or unauthorized

- For any other reasons that ClickSure Support deems

Especially the last can potentially be used to refuse a refund and there would nothing anyone can do about it!

Then comes the earnings disclaimer. After all we've been told, we find out that this is a new system and there are no typical results. We also find out that we can safely assume that "he" (who we never get to see) is an actor.

And finally, you get to know that "There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavour has inherent risk for loss of capital". Given the ClickSure guarantee, you can take for granted that you will have a loss of capital!

I wouldn't (yet) put Alex or Oleksandr in the same category as Gary Ambrose, Anik Singal and the many other Scam artists and Scam peddlers, but in my book he is well on his way!

In order to avoid becoming a Victim of Scam, please refer to www.internetadvisor.weebly.com and www.scamhunter.weebly.com. If you have any particular program/scheme you want me research, please contact me.

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Stay Safe!

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