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I have tried quite a few of these Get paid for Surveys schemes and virtually without exception, they are misleading, to say the least! One I get bombarded with more than any other by marketers is Surveryspaid.com. I just want to use this here as an example, which classically represents basically all the others.

Firstly, as is the case with any other work-at-home scheme, there are no credible substantiations at all about the companies they supposedly represent that really want to have your opinion! And, as always, forget the so-called testimonials!

Truth be told is that many companies are only interested in surveys in the major markets, primarily like the US and Europe. If you happen to be anywhere else, your chances of getting invited to take part in a survey are slim, at best!

The misleading part is that they claim that you can do these surveys from anywhere. Basically that is true, however, what counts is which country you have registered from! So, for example, if you're living in a country in Asia, especially Sout-East-Asia, you can pretty much forget the whole thing! And the amazing thing is that this part of the world represents a huge portion of the world's population, especially measured by the rising middle-class, the spending habits of which are increasing exponentially every year!

So, obviously there is a flaw in this scheme, be it from the misleading claims to the fact that companies are actually interested in market surveys in that part of the world, but rest assured, they won't be using anyone like Surveyspaid.com! There are other renowned professionals they use.

Be careful before you sign up for any of these schemes and stay safe!

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