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How many times have you tried programs that promise you loads of income by taking surveys? Trust me, you're not alone and I can tell you that virtually all of them are not living up to their promises!

First and foremost, the companies/programs are like Headhunters and as I have written before, Headhunters only get paid when they have "sold" someone to their clients. If they do any training, or render any other form of assistance for any prospects, then that is their money to be spent and cannot be passed on to anyone.

The most important part to consider, is that many companies/programs claim that their clients are many major multi-national corporations which just simply cannot be true. These corporations use renowned advertising agency and these actually do the market research and some may use the companies/programs you see on the Internet. So, in fact you're dealing with an advertising agency and not actually the major multinational corporation! Furthermore, the surveys themselves are constantly rotated among professional researchers for reasons of the most precise coverage. These agencies do not really care what kind of service is provided beforehand to the prospects doing the surveys.

The same applies to other program claiming do cover similar aspects, like social media and the like.

Also, what is very important to consider is your geographic location. If you're not located in any of the major markets around the globe, like the US, Europe, China and Japan, then you will get only very few surveys to take, if any.

Plain and simple, don't ever pay for anything, especially before these programs cannot prove that they actually can deliver!

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