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The main reason I have looked at this scheme more closely, is the fact that it is available through ClickSure, the money-back guarantee of which is anything but trustworthy as it is ambiguously conditional.

In addition, Scamadviser.com does not really have anything good to say, especially that the owner of this website is hiding their identity. Furthermore, while the site may be from Germany, the company/seller is according to the T&C/Disclaimer located in Hongkong and the subsequently the State and Federal laws of Hongkong apply. Actually, there are no 'State and Federal' laws in Hongkong. Hongkong is a 'Special Adminstrative Region' of the People's Republic of China and the legal framwork of Hongkong is based on the English common law, supplemented by local legislation. In addition, the T&C state that they are ' Pursuant to U.S. State & Federal Laws'. Obviously, the lawyer who drafted the T&C doesn't have a clue, which I would think is quite frightening, as any buyer wouldn't really understand or know their rights, also when it comes to ClickSure, which is governed by the State & Federal laws of the USA.

The video is the usual rubbish, with totally unsubstantiated testimonials not to mention the claims made in the usual Scam fashion. Read the disclaimer and anyone can see that quite obviously the scheme will not deliver what it claims! That alone should already stop anyone in their tracks and not pursue this any further, let alone buy into it! And I say it again: Beware of ClickSure!

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