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This scheme was reportedly released only recently and what drew my attention was that it was sent to me by a renowned Scam peddler, Mack Michaels. What also raised "red flags" for me was that it is supposedly by guys named Andrew X and Winter Valko, who already have established themselves as known Scam artists and peddlers. The headline reads "Get paid $ 100 in Commissions before Xmas" while the video in the very beginning asks "How would you like to get your hands on MILLIONS of dollars worth of commissions for FREE?". Not very good marketing from the start! And if you take a look at the affiliate program, you will see that this scheme not only costs $ 39.- but is actually packed with numerous up- and downsells! Looks to me like deception at it's best!

Let's have a review of the rather lengthy video/presentation and at the statements/claims made:

- A guy named Matthew feels compelled to read the
  video presentation to you, which to me indicates that
  the target audience are either the hearing impaired
  and/or illiterates.
- "It is 100 % free"
- You are offered to get the power to "instantly launch
  an endless stream of free traffic and commissions",
- This power will "funnel massive amounts of targeted
  traffic to any website or affiliate link you like without
  ever paying a dime",
- Matthew will "reveal exactly how you can go out and
  get millions of dollars in traffic for free...",
- Unsubstantiated ClickBank and other income
  statements are shown time and again,
- Nobody has to buy anything for Matthew to get paid,
- This incredibly powerful strategy "boils down to you
  getting unlimited traffic and commissions for free",
- Then comes the usual "rags-to-riches" story,
- Matthew has a "proven 3 Step System that NEVER 
  fails to deliver an endless supply of high quality
  free traffic for free",
- Anyone can do this,
- Matthew let's you know that his system is a "genuine
  set-and-forget free money making" system,
- You can potentially make 10 million $ a year,
- "There's NO secret or hidden costs..."
- Matthew personally does give you an unconditional
  30-day money-back guarantee.

As I mentioned, the video is way too long and repetitive. Let's have a look at the facts and try to reconcile just some with the (various) disclaimers:

1. It obviously is not free and comes with numerous up-
    and downsells,

2. Matthew never reveals exactly how you can go out
    and get millions of dollars,

3. Given the fact that there are up- and downsells
    there obviously are hidden costs,

4. We don't know if Matthew is "real" or if he is an actor

5. Disclaimer: "As this is a new system, there are no
    typical results. This product does not guarantee
    income or success, and examples of the product
    owner's and other person's results do not represent
    an indication of future success or earnings". Try to
    correlate that to the claims made?

6. Disclaimer: "You recognize any business endeavour
    has inherent risk for loss of capital". That can only
    lead you to the conclusion that Matthew's money
    back guarantee is worthless!

I would think that at this point we can conclude that more likely than not, you are not going to get what you think you will get, except scammed out of $ 39.-

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Stay Safe!

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