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There have been several similar of these type of schemes around, ranging from Forexcue.com, Mybinarycode.com and Mybinaryrecoded.com and several others. In each and every case I have stated that if you don't have the relevant professional background and experience, you are in effect gambling and I can say this because I am a commercial banker by background and seen it all. Whether it is trading in foreign currencies, options, stock, commodities, etc. it all boils down to the same thing namely arbitrage, which is another word for gambling, if you do not have the background and experience!

This scheme has been released only a short time ago and consequently all reviews out there are telling you that it is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Bless the marketers!

Let's have a closer look at the hyped video presentation, which you need to read and listen to because again someone is of the opinion that you are either deaf, or illiterate.

- It starts off by saying "I'm going to give you
  something that can change your life". Note the words
  give and can. Right from the start you think you get
  something (free?) and I can guarantee you it will
  change your life, but not the way you think!

- "In an instant you can turn $100 into $175 and
  $1,000 into $1,750 in less than 60 seconds".
  Throughout the video presentation nothing is actually
  mentioned how this done, let alone that you're
  actually going to be arbitraging foreign currencies, or
  rather the "Secret Software" will do it for you. Now try
  to reconcile this with "Earning potential is entirely
  dependent on the person using our product, their
  ideas and techniques". Obviously the so called secret
  software isn't doing anything for you.

- Then you're shown an account statement from
  Barclay's Bank (which were recently implicated in an
  interest-rate fixing scandal) which supposedly is a real
  live video and not a screen shot because "it can't be
  faked". That is BS right there, because we're watching
  a video! So this guy claims to have made close to
  GBP 347 k in the last 8 months. Again we try to
  reconcile this with "This is a new product and system
  and as such there is no history of earnings from its
  use" and obviously can't. Actually the only thing we
  can learn from this snapshot of the video is, that the
  guy talking/reading to us is named Thomas Hunt.

- All subsequent income/profit statements are in view of
  the disclaimer apparently false.

The last straw of this scheme is that you're being told that this is actually not a business opportunity and only provides advice and training about Internet Investing.

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Stay Safe!

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