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I have seen more and more online scams being sold through ClickSure rather than ClickBank and here is the reasons why.

ClickBank seems to have tried (not successfully) to exclude obvious Scams from their product list, whereas ClickSure has, at least so far, made no such efforts that I can see or hear of. ClickSure is also very much vendor friendly and focused, which is actually revealed in their terms & conditions, especially with regard to their return/refund policy and conditions. Whereas ClickBank is straight forward and you should actually not have any problem to get a refund, ClickSure has the following stipulations:

"we will issue you a complete refund provided you have:
  • Contacted our dedicated customer support team asking for assistance if required
  • Submitted your request for a refund within 60 days of making your purchase
  • Provided a valid reason for requesting a return within 60 days of purchase
  • Provided a valid report that the charge was fraudulent or unauthorized
  • For any other reason ClickSure Support deems appropriate"
Obviously, the way it is stated, means you have to comply with the first 4 and even you have, ClickSure can still make your life miserable with the last one before you actually might see any refund. Now, I am not saying that they do, but they certainly would have the right. Also you will notice that these conditions are not and/or but rather all inclusive!

- It would be interesting to find out exactly how the
  ClickSure customer support team can assist you in
  trying to make a Scam you have bought through
  them actually work.

- Who would decide what constitutes a valid reason?
  Obviously ClickSure! Technically, just because you
  bought a Scam from ClickSure and it doesn't deliver on
  it's promises, asking for a refund in that case
  constitutes a valid reason? Sure it does, but that is
  not for you to decide, but rather ClickSure and the

- In my book, a Scam is a fraud, plain and simple! So,
  once you have bought a Scam through ClickSure you
  have to provide a valid report about the charge being
  fraudulent. What constitutes a valid report? Again,
  you are at the mercy of ClickSure and the vendor!

You can see that these stipulations certainly favour the vendor, rather then the buyer. What happened to consumer protection?

Interestingly enough in it's T & C, ClickSure does "hold the Seller of the products and services on its site liable for any representations and warranties that they make on their websites." but not the affiliate! ClickBank actually does, to various extents and degrees.

ClickSure claims that they are the #1 Affiliate and Sellers Marketplace. It would be interesting to know by which measure that claim is made, however, I would confirm that when it comes to Scam like Goldaffiliateasset.com, Cashtriggers.com, Getbuyerarbitrage.com and many others, they certainly would rank higher than ClickBank in my book.

Now I would think it is clear why more and more Scam Artist and Peddlers like to use ClickSure. It becomes even more interesting for those guys, who sell their junk for really hefty sums of money and not the run-of-the-mill 47 bucks.

On my website www.internetadvisor.weebly.com I have included those programs which I deem OK and are available through ClickBank. You can also may want to check out www.scamhunter.weebly.com. If you have any particular program/scheme you want me research, please contact me.

In order to avoid having to make a decision which selling platform to use, why not get into an affiliate program that actually does not cost a single penny. Sure, you have to do the marketing as you do with any other affiliate program, but it doesn't cost anything at all. It covers the largest consumer marketplace globally, targeting a group of buyers that is the largest in the world: The everyday online shopper! Have a look at ASN and try it out. Nothing to pay, nothing to loose and with that no uncertainties about refunds!

Stay Safe!

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