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There are several interesting, good and credible reviews of this scheme to be found.

In a nutshell, this scheme purports to be a Pinterest marketing tool. Now, irrespective of costs, why would anyone want to use this scheme, when you can use Pinterest (in line with their T & C) for your marketing yourself so easily. Reportedly, Cash Triggers is actually violating the T & C of Pinterest!

Let's get into details of the claims made:

- The actress must be a complete Bimbo also because
  she has to read her lines. It's not like she's in a 2 hour
  movie! Throughout the video she gives you the
  impression that she is the one that has developed
  this scheme, when in fact it's by someone called
  Andrew X, a notorious scammer just like Anik Singal, Gary   Ambrose and, and, and. She let's you
  know right from the start that it is absolutely free
  and while she says that, you can see below the video
  "Risk Free 60 day" and "Money-Back Guarantee" 
  both of which are false!

- Then comes her claim that she's made more than
  $3.75 million on ClickBank, when you just know that
  she doesn't have the IQ to open a refrigerator.
  Needless to say her claim is totally unsubstantiated!
  While the scheme is available through ClickSure, it
  refers to income made from ClickBank? Why is nobody
  making their millions from ClickSure, I wonder?

- She then claims she's found the "holy grail" for online
  traffic for free. Now how does that reconcile with the
  nonsense money-back guarantee and the disclaimer
  in general? It doesn't! She is actually referring to
  Pinterest being free, but you get the feeling the
  scheme is free. Deceptive and misleading is what I
  would call it.

- You're being led to believe that by using this scheme
  (Pinterest) you get gazillions of clicks which translate
  into people buying. In my world, clicks don't mean a
  thing if there is no conversion.

- Then claims are made that you can get paid with
  every click people make and providing their email 
  addresses. How does that sound to you? It certainly
  sounds like BS to me.

I could go on and on dissecting this (Bimbo) video but let me I get into my favorite subject, the disclaimer(s).

- "You recognize any business endeavour has inherent
   risk for loss of capital. By ordering this product or
   any related products/services, you agree to all listed
   on this website and on ClickSure.com". If this scheme
   is the holy grail and carry a money-back guarantee,
   then how in the world could it be possible to loose
   capital? Look closely at the money-back guarantee
   stipulations/conditions of ClickSure, which you would
   have agreed to. These stipulations/conditions are not
   either, or. They are all inclusive! With two of these
   "Provided a valid report that the charge was
   fraudulent or unauthorized" and "For any other
   reason ClickSure Support deems appropriate" you
   can rest assured, if push comes to shove, you won't
   see any refund at all! Now we can safely assume why
   nobody makes their money using ClickSure.

- When you click on the Disclaimer link, you're in for
  more to let you know you won't see a penny.
  Specifically the paragraphs "Customer Remedy",
  "Limitation and Exclusion of Liability" and then comes
  the best of all "Legal Forum, Choice of Laws & Official
  Language". There you would submit to the laws of
  Hong Kong! While the disclaimer "agreement" is under
  the laws of the State of Oregon, the actual purchase
  which constitutes a contract is subject to laws and
  State and Federal courts of Hong Kong. For good
  order's sake, let me tell you there are no State and
  Federal Courts in Hong Kong, just a one court
  system as in the UK.

Again, I could go on, but this is the crucial part, which should already tell you to stay away no matter what the costs (there are up- and down sells!).

I wouldn't certainly put Andrew X in the same category as Gary Ambrose, Anik Singal and the many other Scam artists and Scam peddlers, so be extremely cautious of his other schemes!

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Stay Safe!

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