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This review is, once again, judging a book by it's cover. However, from my experience there are definitely signs of deliberate deception, also based on the Terms & Conditions as well as the Disclaimer.

This scheme is 'signed' by someone called Justin James (who tells you right of the bat that "he is sick and tired of all the Lies and BS") and once the usual nonsensical video is over, you see in small print, that this scheme is limited to residents of the US, Canada, UK and Australia. I am not the sharpest knife in drawer, but why would that be? Especially since whoever signs up can insert their country as the legal jurisdiction of the the T & C. Seems strange to me, but maybe that is just why the limitations are there. But it gets more interesting when you look at what Scamadviser.com has to say. The owner of the website is hiding their identity? The website's expected lifetime is only 1 year? The latter seems to confirm what Justin is stating to the effect that he "may not keep this website up much longer". And I always ask myself why people would need to hide their identity? My conclusion would be that they have an ulterior motive and it isn't a good one!

Since we don't know if Justin James is real or not, at least as depicted on the website, he is nice enough to let you know that "Every friend and family member that I shared Commission Fast Start with is now making money" and "Some are making more than others but they are all making extra money even while they are at their day jobs". Great! But how does that correlate with  "This is a new system, so there are no typical results. The company does not guarantee income or success, and examples of the product owner's and other person's results do not represent an indication of future success or earnings". To me that would indicate that your commissions just may not be off to a fast start as you might be led to believe!

Lastly and most importantly, it certainly does seem not to be FREE after all (except for the sign-up of course) because Step 2 states that Justin "will take you to the order confirmation page." Sure, how else would he make any money from the start.

I may be off base here, but the misleading and deceptive approach taken by 'Justin' or whoever he/she may be behind this scheme does give me the impression that it is not what it is hyped to be. And who in their right mind would want to sign up or for that matter buy anything from a person who is obviously quite inept at presentation & marketing and on top not willing to truly identify themselves! And Justin doesn't seem to be too concerned about his Lies and BS!

This, to me, is a prime example of being able to become suspicious about a scheme, without even looking for any reviews!

Stay Safe!

People reading my Blogs may get, or already have gotten the impression that I only pick on Gary Ambrose and his Scam-Peddling and nobody else. I can assure you, that more than 90% of the leads I get and write about are from Gary! The remainder I get are mostly available through ClickBank so the consumer there is rather well protected. In one of his (so far 5) emails to me, Gary wrote: 

"It's a point and click, scientific money method 
that works even for people with zero experience

As you will see, or find out, there is nothing scientific to this scheme!

Lee Walker who appears as the owner or creator of this scheme does point out that: 

"We have no way of knowing how well you will do, as we do not know you, your background, your work ethic, or your business skills or practises or risk tolerance. In fact, you may lose money. Therefore we do not guarantee or imply that you will get rich, that you will do as well, or make any money at all. There is NO assurance you will do as well. If you rely upon our figures, you must accept the risk of not doing as well."

Please note the part about losing money! How does that correlate with the statement in the video that Lee Walker's 'system' on average "generates at least $ 700 a day without putting any hard work or investing more than 10 minutes a day". That can lead to the impression that you actually can make that kind of money with working or investing (time or otherwise) when the disclaimer quoted above says exactly the opposite! If that is not outright misleading and maliciously deceptive, I don't know what is!

There are already a plethora of reviews around, some of them actually not from any affiliates, but really good and nice people, who seem to know what they're talking about. So I will just add my 2 cents worth here and there.

Have a look at http://kingsofleonsis.com/secret-method-reviewed-lee-walker.html who exposes Lee Walker quite nicely and lets you know that actually Lee does get paid and the buyer still has to put up his/her money to make money. To underscore this, just click on 'Affiliates' of Lee's website and there you will see that as an affiliate you can earn $ 250.- CPA (Click per Action). Now where do you think that money is coming from?But you should also have a look at what Scamadviser.com has to say about this website. While the overall rating is not too bad, it does point out two quite important issues:

1. "The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity" and

2. "The website expected life (365 days) is relatively short"

Let's let this sink in. As to point 1. is Lee Walker an actual person, or the real name of the person behind this scheme? If the scheme is so great, then why hide your identity? I didn't see Steve Jobs or Bill Gates hiding their identity when they started out. Then who is the person behind this scheme? Does he/she have the actual background to even talk about binary options? Is Lee one of the 'real Trading Millionaires'? I have my doubts, because he is hiding his identity and with that his qualification! Furthermore, if you go to the website which he is actually promoting (NRGbinary.com) you will not find any reference to anybody by name or otherwise!

And as to point 2. while this is surely just a guess on the part of Scamadviser.com they do have experience and it might just indicate that this a fly-by-night kind of operation.

But more importantly is the fact, that unless you are a professional and have the relevant background and experience, you should not engage in any sort of trading of any financial products. I would go out on a limb here, but I doubt that there are a large number of people in the public at large that actually know what binary trading is. For those that may be interested, have a look at Wikipedia. And look very closely at what it says about most of the Platforms like the one Lee is promoting (NRGbinary.com):

"On May 3, 2012, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) announced a policy change regarding the classification of binary options as financial instruments. The effect is that binary options platforms operating in Cyprus (where many of the platforms are based) will have to be CySEC regulated within six months of the date of the announcement."

That means as of today, NRGbinary.com is not (yet) regulated as it is in fact registered in Cyprus! I think now we understand why Scamadviser.com doesn't think this website/scheme will be around much longer.

So let's get back to the part of the disclaimer I have quoted above for some more misleading/deceptive points: 

- "I am going to give you a highly profitable System"

- "I created a one-of-a-kind system that turns $ 300 into a whopping $ 5,694.80 in just 4 days"

Catch my drift?

As a banker by background for more than 40 years, let me assure you that there is no one in the world that has a 'System' to trade anything, let alone any financial products! If there was, the general public would stand a snowballs chance in hell to get their hands on it!

Unless you want to really gamble, then go for it. But let me point out that you don't need to use Lee Walker's (or whoever he is) NRGbinary.com! Go to Vegas or Atlantic City, or wherever. Your chances of striking it big time are the same, or maybe even better!

Stay Safe! 
Virtually every lead I get from Gary Ambrose nowadays is a scheme available through ClickSure, the money-back guarantee of which is not only conditional, but very ambiguously so! Gary also makes it a point to send his pitches to me (and I suppose to everyone else) multiple times, to say the least. In my view that just goes to show you that while peddling Scam is his specialty, his marketing skills as such are obviously not.

Here we have another video starting out with fancy cars, helicopters and private jets and right away you realize that you are confronted with another of famous Anthony Morrison's Scams. Why do I claim that? Just google reviews of this scheme and those that are not from peddlers/promoters are without exception absolutely dismal! Complaints left, right and center! People even threaten to not only sue, but to get lawenforcement involved.

Again, to all those who fell for this rubbish, I can only say that if you don't check it out (and this has been around for a while) and at least read the Disclaimer, which states very clearly "There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavour has inherent risk for loss of capital." Just ask yourself when watching the video and hearing the claims made by in this case obvious (bad) actors how on earth it could be possible to loose your investment?

I will say it again: If you see or hear anything from or about Anthony Morrison and/or like in my case Gary Ambrose, coupled with the availability through ClickSure, stay far away!!!

Let me just state that I do not want to give the impression that ClickSure is bad as such, however, their money-back guarantee is, as mentioned before, very ambiguously conditional. That is why many of the Scam artists and promoters/peddlers like it, because the refund rate is apparently lower, which means more ill gotten money in their pockets!

Stay Safe!

When Gary Ambrose (as I always say, the biggest Scam-peddler I know) literally blasts me time and again with emails about this scheme and I then see the name Jamie Lewis, all sorts of red-lights and flags appear in front of me! Then comes the fact that this, what seems to be, brand new scheme is sold through ClickSure and I can safely assume that anyone buying this nonsense, will most certainly face the risk of 'loss of capital' as written in the disclaimer!

I have seen the Jamies videos and presentation so many times, that I don't even want to go through this nonsense again! Just ask yourself, why would Jamie come up with new schemes time and again? The only plausible answer is that his previous schemes of scamming people don't work anymore! If he were really smart, he should change his identity and then offer something of real value that actually works, qualifies on ClickBank and doesn't make false/misleading promises that requires disclaimers that let you know from the start, that you can actually loose money, that it is a new 'system' and therefore there are no typical results. Who the heck is he kidding? Does that imply he only wants to sell this scheme to atypical people? And if that's the case, what may I ask would in his opinion be atypical?

The reviews that can be found are equally misleading! If there are no typical results, then how could anyone actually promote it with a clear conscience? One actually stated that he skyped with Jamie and he wants to raise the price from $ 47 to $ 997 to make sure that only 'serious' people come and buy it and not anybody from 'those 3rd world countries'. Can you believe it?!?!? Sounds to me that Jamie never has been in a 3rd world country because if he had, he would meet people that are a lot smarter than he is.

But to get away from my emotional approach, let me just ask you this:

If the disclaimer tells you that there are no typical results, this product does not guarantee income or success and that everything hinges on your "background, dedication, desire and motivation as well as other factors not always known and sometimes beyond control" then why on earth would anyone want to actually buy this rubbish?

In addition, the ClickSure money-back guarantee is conditional! And I would certainly opine that these conditions are quite ambiguous!

Best keep far away from this!

Stay Safe!