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In my many and continuous efforts to expose Scam and help Internet & Affiliate marketers through my websites http://www.internetadvisor.weebly.com/ and http://www.scamhunter.weebly.com/, I also come across schemes that are in fact legitimate and honest (admittedly there aren't many). One that I have found is actually totally free! No sign-up fees, no monthly fees, just the effort and commitment you put into it. And that is what I have always said. There is no real legitimate get-rich-quick scheme! So, if you can commit yourself, then you should be able to make some decent money.

Basically it is a website where you and/or the customers you attract are invited to go shopping from major retailers like Sears, Wal-Mart and many more with an almost unlimited products and services range (again many of them are actually free), combined with a MLM system. It is really up to you how you want to utilize it. It is pretty amazing! I have checked the reviews and there are some disgruntled (former?) members as is the case with any other company or website. Amazingly, the creator in most, if not almost all cases, personally replies to each and every complaint and addresses it. In other words, he is very keen to ensure that his and his websites reputation is clean.

However, like with many other "schemes" there are a few draw-backs, although I would say they are minor. One is that it utilizes Payza (formerly AlertPay), the reputation/reviews of which are mixed. The main reason being, is that for instance PayPal does not allow MLM schemes. The other is that if you are residing outside of the US and Canada, the range (especially those that are free) of products and services becomes less. However, the good news is that there are still plenty around, especially if you're in countries like Japan, China, United Kingdom, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, India and Mideast, South Africa, South America and Eastern Europe.

However, do not despair. Through the down line you create, you can still participate in the revenues through those you acquire who reside in the US and Canada, or anywhere else for that matter. As a matter of fact, creating the down line is, what I would consider, the most important aspect and they teach and assist you in doing so, for free!

Given that you will basically never have to pay anything (unless you want to buy something and even then you earn) click on this site and then click on one of the banners on the sides to find the sign-up. It is certainly something you should try out! There is literally nothing to loose!

Stay Safe!