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Is it a scam? Depends how you define SCAM! It is basically nothing more than a MLM (otherwise knonw as a Pyramid scheme in the good old days). What got me riled, is that I was drawn to their site under the pretense of being FREE! It isn't! It seems that actually you pay monthly! And even if it doesn't, it relies on your blogging to attract more subscribers. If that is what you're Ok with then go for it. I consider it a scam because it seems ultimately relies on selling itself and nothing more.
On my website www.internetadvisor.weebly.com I am constantly updating my review of Internet & Affiliate Marketing websites. It is a work in progress. SoFor the purpose of review I sign up for a lot of them and my experience with them is reflected accordingly. As a result of my research, I now get hundreds of emails every day. Be careful what you sign up for! Ask me first and I will keep that hassle away from you!