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There are many websites out there and more coming each, claiming to be the best Scam review & reporting site there is. Well truth be told, not many out there are actually truly independent and some are actually and possibly unwittingly promoting scam sites. It also needs to be considered, that potentially any sites doing this and residing in the US can find themsdelves quickly a target of lawsuits.

What needs to be checked is that the site has actual referrals. Also, it should not promote "alternative" products because in my view, that gives a slant as to their neutrality.

Here are some that I have found to be good and helpful for my own reviews, although nobody is perfect.


This is my favorite, but as I mentioned before, nobody is perfect.


Very good. Just enter the website you want to check and off you go. It seems it is supported by a grant of the US Government' National Science Foundation.

This just for starters and I'll be updating regularly.

Stay safe!

Following up from my previous blog about good, old Oli Tee, I can also now inform you, that if you ever get anything, or see anything from Amber Robinson, you can be sure it's Scam! But even better is to watch the video on commissiohack.com! Two guys, Andrew X and Steven Johnson, who actually developed this scheme, have found some girl that obviously has the (Internet) IQ close to absolute freezing point. The video wants to make you believe that this bimbo developed the scheme and when you watch the video, you'll not pay much attention to what she actually says! Hillarious!

As I mentioned before, I normally do not disclose the names of all the wonderful marketers who send me emails day after and, unwittignly, give me leads to review, but now I'm making an axception. Gary Ambrose, one of the greatest marketers I have seen and read about numerous times is actually peddling more Scam than anybody else! Beware of anything remotely connected with his name!

If you truly want to make money online, you have to work at it very hard, persistently and diligently, just like any other jobs! There is no quick fix!

Imagine if you were one the so-called Gurus. Why on earth would you want to reveal your system? You would do that only if you get paid for it, wouldn't you? Just like Zuckerberg is cashing in now. But that is the point I'm trying to make. Selling your system, be it against a one time fee, or combined with a monthly fee, won't make you any reasonable amount of money and you've effectively created a competition for yourself. That is, of course, if you had sold the whole system in an honest way! This only works if you really can create economies of scale and that's not even considering the competition factor.

Logic would dictate, that you've basically sold something that is at least outdated.

If these Gurus were really honest and smart and had a system that really works and is always up-to-date, wouldn't it make more sense to franschise it? Have your prospects sign up for free (because you're getting their leads in return) and split the revenues, or charge royalties. Since that is not happening (at least I haven't seen anything like this so far), one could only deduce that every scheme out there is in one way or another a Scam!

If you really want to make money online in an honest straightforward manner, then work hard at it and you can succeed. If you need any help, then check out my (honest) website http://www.internetadvisor.weebly.com/

Just got informed about a new "system" that will generate you loads of money! It's called commissionhack (.com) and when you watch the video you'll think most likely the same thing I did. Where on Gods earth did they dig this chick up? I'll bet you will watch more of her legs, etc. than actually listen to what she has to say, not that it actually is worth listening to! Just read the disclaimer below the video and it tells all!

Developed by some blokes called Andrew X and Steven Johnson they want to make you believe that the bimbo in the video actually came up with the system. Even if you're covered by an unconditional ClickBank money-back guarantee, don't bother to waste your time! Check out www.scamhunter.weebly.com and also go for something actually truthful and honest on www.internetadvisor.weebly.com. Join me and help me expose these fraudsters. Contact me and we'll see how we can join forces!

Hope to hear from you!

Normally I don't mention the names of marketers, who so wonderfully send me leads to see what is out there and review it and identify and expose it for what it is. But in this case I'll make an exception.

Whatever you have heard about this guy may be true, or not but from my experience so far, based on the emails he's been bombarding me with daily with leads, I can honestly tell you that he is the biggest BS-artist out there and with that the biggest Scam distributor! Hats off to this guy! Wish I could do that, but then again I can't because I'm just too honest and straightforward.
Just watched a video from some bloke named Oli something or other. What a load of ......! It came to me via a marketer named Justin Blake, who gives me great leads to Scam sites. This one is called Paid for Life Sites and it couldn't be loaded with more things that scream Scam at you any louder! An the asking price for the 6 remaining sign-ups, out of 15, is  almost $3k! Would you believe it? What a load of Horse.....!

Be very careful, because I wouldn't be surprised there are people out there who would dole this kind of money out! There are no credible guarantees attached to this "program". As a matter of fact, other than this guy's "word of honor" there is nothing!

This has got to be the Scam attempt of the year, so far!
There is a great website that, among other things, also is plain and straight forward when it comes to exposing scam! Go have a look at www.thatsnonsense.com! Will try to link up with them!

Also, please help me to dig deeper. I mentioned before about a website I found which seems great! However, in order for me to dig deeper I need 3 more "New" member to sign up for it. Please help to review it and click on this link


Will let you all know once I get inside, if it really lives up to it's hype.

Thanks and please join me to expose scam.

You won't believe this!

In my constant search to expose scam, I have come accross this new site that is truly something you need to consider very seriously, if you want to achieve a great and recurring income. Best of all, It's FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a new Social & Business Club that is set to to challenge others like Facebook, Twitter, etc. for one simple reason: They pay you to refer members. This is one brilliant MLM idea!


All you need to do is to refer 5 new members. You will then get access to all their support, including free training and marketing support.

You will ask, where is the catch. There is none, save and except that you need to sign up 5 new mebers beforehand.

Go to


and try it out.

There is absolutely no risk!

To your success!

Go and check out my websites www.scamhunter.weebly.com and www.internetadvisor.weebly.com to read about my latest website reviews and scam exposed!

Let's make this a joint effort! Join me through my contact on the websites and/or send me leads and I will
This is definitely a scam!!! Read my brief comment on my website www.internetadvisor.weebly.com in the website review section!
Forgot to mention, that the video is about 20 minutes of the usual blah, blah (what I call BS because it is always the same rags to riches story) with totally unproven testimonials.