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I just stumbled accross a great website, that seems to me to be very fair and obvective in trying to uncover Scam on the Internet! While I cover the "worst", their list is quite extensive and also qualified in the spirit of fairness! Go to
As I have stated before, there are many websites that supposedly review other websites and, comparatively speaking, there are only a few that are truly credible. There are also plenty of forums covering Scam of all aspects and yet, so many people still allow themselves to be drawn into these schemes and suffer!

Maybe the answer lies in other media?

I am a regular viewer of various news channels like CNN, Bloomberg, BBC and, and, and... Since I started my websites quite some time ago, I have yet to find any news organization that has or will pick up on this subject. And even worse, in some cases these so-called reputable News Organizations, most likely unwittingly, actually promote Scam! This is either done by these websites claiming to have been shown or mentioned by them, or they actually do make reports about them!

Where are the Anderson Coopers of the News World with "trying to keep them honest"?

Scamming is a huge, if not humongous industry, raking in enormous amounts of ill-begotten money, yet no one in the News World seems to be interested in this major fraud that is being committed daily on the Internet! Is this not sensational enough to report about?

I see many (to say the least) complaints from people on a daily basis, who try to make an honest buck on the Internet and get cheated! Wouldn't it help, if they could see the reality on the News during their morning coffee?

Let me know your opinion and stay safe!

I have tried quite a few of these Get paid for Surveys schemes and virtually without exception, they are misleading, to say the least! One I get bombarded with more than any other by marketers is Surveryspaid.com. I just want to use this here as an example, which classically represents basically all the others.

Firstly, as is the case with any other work-at-home scheme, there are no credible substantiations at all about the companies they supposedly represent that really want to have your opinion! And, as always, forget the so-called testimonials!

Truth be told is that many companies are only interested in surveys in the major markets, primarily like the US and Europe. If you happen to be anywhere else, your chances of getting invited to take part in a survey are slim, at best!

The misleading part is that they claim that you can do these surveys from anywhere. Basically that is true, however, what counts is which country you have registered from! So, for example, if you're living in a country in Asia, especially Sout-East-Asia, you can pretty much forget the whole thing! And the amazing thing is that this part of the world represents a huge portion of the world's population, especially measured by the rising middle-class, the spending habits of which are increasing exponentially every year!

So, obviously there is a flaw in this scheme, be it from the misleading claims to the fact that companies are actually interested in market surveys in that part of the world, but rest assured, they won't be using anyone like Surveyspaid.com! There are other renowned professionals they use.

Be careful before you sign up for any of these schemes and stay safe!

I have seen and tried my fair share of so-called legitimate work from home schemes. Lastly, I was referred to topworkfromhomejobs.com where I was informed not only about the top 3 websites in this category, but also told that "We have identified the Top 3 Work From Home Programs available on the Internet.  And yes there is a fee to register. So if you are not interested or simply cannot pay a registration fee, you should unsubscribe from our list...".

The fact of the matter is not whether anyone cannot or doesn't want to pay any fees or the amount in question, but rather what do you get for your "fee". So far, I have not seen any site that credibly substantiates their claims and don't even get me started on the so-called testimonials!

The true fact of the matter is and should be that these sites are basically acting like Head-hunters and if they really do represent all these companies which are looking for your "service", they should be getting their fees from these companies. But they are not and the question really begs, why not??? Could it possibly be that their claims are not really what they are hyped to be???

I do not, in any way want to discredit the research done by topworkathomejobs.com at all! But they are seriously missing the point!

As long as these sites do not or cannot credibly substantiate their claims, I would urge anyone not to sign up to these schemes, no matter what the amount in question may be!

Stay safe!

While I have updated my websites today again exposing Scams, I have stumbled accross another site that reviews websites based on user input. Very good and very interesting. Go to www.MadlMMarketing.com and have a look!

What I find so absolutely amazing is, how many people there are that actually buy all this nonsense and then complain about not getting what they're supposed to get, or worse, not getting their money back! I fail to understand why they don't do some research by going to my website(s) (www.internetadvisor.weebly.com and www.scamhunter.weebly.com ) or to others like the one mentioned above and those I have referred to in my previous blogs!

While each individual subscriber may "only" loose a relatively small amount, it adds up very quickly for the Scammers and then they call themselves "Gurus"!

Surely, there will never be an end to Scamming! But we should expose them as soon as we see them. The marketers are equally unscrupulous, at least most of them! We should also expose them for peddling the stuff. I have already exposed who I consider one of the best and biggest Scam peddlers, Gary Ambrose! Others I will divulge shortly, but I still need them to send me more leads to check and review. And guess what! Good old Gary is so nice, he continues to send me leads, all of which are Scam! What a great guy!

Isn't it time we all try to make an honest buck? Let me help you, while you can help me expose more Scam! Just contact me and we can join forces, exchange information, whatever!

Stay safe!

After I have warned repeatedly about Scams out there on the Internet, I also want to write something positive about some of the products out there, for two reasons:

1. The reviews I have checked (many/multiple) are positive,


2. They are being sold through ClickBank and with that you have a 60-day rock-solid money-back guarantee!

Here we go.

Millionaire Society - Already Paid. If you want to give it try, then click <here>. or

Profit Bank by Millionaire Society. Give a try <here> , or

Chris Farrell, one of the most respected "Gurus". This is actually also referred to by www.thatsnonsense.com one of the best scam exposing sites I know! Give it try <here>

Ebay Millionaire. Have seen good reviews and if you don't like it, you get your money back. Give it try <here>

Linkedin Influence. Again, good reviews. Click <here> and the last for today,

Income Hybrid 3in1 Software Suite. Good reviews. Click <here>

Have fun and stay safe!

The marketers who keep sending me emails every day are truly great in helping me expsing more and more Scam! And the super marketer, Gary Ambrose, who peddles more Scam than any other continues to supply me with such leads to expose! Thanks so much Gary!

Go to www.scamhunter.weebly.com to find out details!

If you want a truly honest website to help you start your Internet Business and give you all the support you need, go to www.internetadvisor.weebly.com.

It's all free and you can get programs to support your effort right on the site! All have been checked and/or tested! Some you can get for FREE!

Support me in exposing more Scam! Contact me and let me know any leads you have, or if you want, I'll do a truly independent review for you, should the site not be listed on my sites already. Or let me know if and how we team up!

Stay safe!

If you go and check you wil find that there are quite a few reviews about both Plimus and ClickBank in the www world. Which is better? The bottom line is that you will find a whole lot more negative reviews about Plimus than ClickBank! Mostly they center around refunds not being made in a timely manner, or not at all. We all know that there will always be disgruntled "customers" for any product or service, but I thought I need to bring this out into the open.

Fact is, both actually do sell and even promote what I would percieve as Scam sites. The fact also is that ClickBank's refund scheme is rock-solid and you will find very few, if any, complaints to that extent.

So, if and when you think you really need to try a Internet money-making scheme, you might want to try it through ClickBank. If you don't find it there, you might as well not try it at all!

Stay safe!