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When we talk about Affiliate Programs we instantly think about selling one of the many products on ClickBank. All the Internet Marketers are always referring to their wonderful and plentiful incomes made from selling products from ClickBank. Well, guess what? They make their money from people who buy "their" programs and not from actually using them! Also, we need to understand that the ClickBank Market is by far much too small for all these people to make the "millions" they claim to be earning!

There is only one international market that could possibly cover these "millions" in commissions and that is the global online consumer market! As I have mentioned before, Amazon alone does more than $ 46 billion in online sales last year, of which $ 21 billion where international! The draw-back of being a direct Amazon affiliate is that too many people go directly to the Amazon website instead of using the affiliate and even worse, you only get paid for the advertising apart from the shopping of others (if they use the affiliate), but not your own! Also, while the scope of products is vast, the scope of services offered by Amazon and other major online retailers is limited at best.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not in any way trying to put down Amazon! Not at all! I'm trying to put into perspective a) that ClickBank is a limited market and b) Amazon, as an example, together with all the other major retailers on the Internet cover a much larger market to earn fees, but also have their limitations!

Why not do your online purchases where many of the major retailers are represented but also a multitude of services are available (also for free) and get paid for doing so? One website where you can do your shopping at Amazon and others and get paid for it! One website eliminates virtually all shortcomings! In a global market that is so much larger than ClickBank and the likes! As an affiliate, would you not want to be in a market that by virtue of it's size, gives you a much greater chance of earning a decent income?

Have a look at here! It is totally free!

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